Fuller & Thaler - Behavioral Investment
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About Fuller & Thaler Asset Management

Fuller & Thaler Asset Management, Inc. is an institutional investment firm managing over $4.2 billion* in assets.  Founded in 1993, the firm is controlled by key professionals.  We are headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our bottom-up investment approach exploits insights from behavioral finance.  Under certain conditions behavioral biases cause market participants to misprocess information in the financial markets.  We use every tool available to us to identify the stocks where these biases lead to mispriced securities.  We believe that our process is repeatable and sustainable, and that we provide an uncorrelated source of alpha to our clients.

We also believe that alpha is constrained by liquidity and we are committed to limiting capacity and closing strategies to protect the interests of our clients.  Our strategies range from micro-cap to large-cap equity strategies.  We offer judgmental as opposed to quantitative or traditional fundamental strategies which are managed in both a long-short market neutral as well as long-only format.  Please visit our Strategies page or contact us to learn more.